The firm

Our aim is to create a close and high-quality relationship with our clients, based upon a thorough understanding of their needs and an immediate pooling of our know-how and experience. For this purpose we work with clients in a collaborative process, combining in-depth analysis and creativity, in order to offer the most appropriate answer within the current legal environment.

We also pay particular attention to:

  1. Confidentiality and our client's identity;

  2. "Technical watch", which leads us to invest significantly in ongoing training for our lawyers, legal resources, and interaction with professionals in their field;

  3. Fee transparency: fees are generally contingent on time spent (except for annual counselling contracts or success fees). We can provide an estimate upon request, as well as regular updates according to the case's progress.

This approach allows us to develop long-term and trusting relationships with our clients

Our clients are companies of all sizes, ranging from very small businesses to large corporations, as well as individuals (for private or professional matters), law firms, public accountants and private banking firms.