Practice Areas

In matters of tax law, our firm counsels:

  1. Companies, with their day-to-day business, at any stage of their development (establishment, acquisition, restructuring, business sale, LBO, etc.), and when dealing with tax authorities (tax audit, negotiation, litigation, advance rulings, informal contacts, etc.).

  2. Individuals, with professional matters (tax issues of managers, management packages, expatriates, inpatriates, etc.), handling and transfer of their assets and their relations with tax authorities (personal audits, negotiations, litigation, clearances, advance rulings, informal contacts…).

Scope of work:

Taxation of companies and corporate groups:

Day-to-day tax counselling

For many years the firm has advised companies of all sizes (ranging from small companies to publicly traded corporations) and in various sectors (services, finance, industry…), in matters of corporate taxes (corporate tax, VAT, local direct taxes…) and for the daily management of their business and its development.

We are generally the main correspondent for our clients concerning tax matters. Our role is to answer their day-to-day needs and to identify potential risks and opportunities with them, most notably by conducting yearly meetings.

Such assistance is usually the object of an annual counselling contract.

Tax counselling for specific operations.

The firm assists companies with operations such as acquisitions, sales, internal restructurings, mergers, LBO/OBO/FBO in collaboration with investments firms, and establishment of investment vehicles.

Our role is to identify tax issues, offer solutions to fulfil the objectives within the current legal environment ("structuring" the operation), and to execute or assist in the execution of the operation.

We offer these services to our regular clients, as well as to the clients of partner law firms and/or public accountant firms that require advice in tax matters. When working with these partners, we make it a point to provide only the services agreed upon with them.

Tax litigation

Our firm is totally committed to defending its clients' interests, during tax audits and tax litigation, in the course of exchanges with tax authorities, as well as during court proceedings.
Our firm also advises and assits its client in security social matters and social security audits. 

Individual taxation (personal/professional taxation)

Professionnal taxation

The firm helps manage income tax, wealth tax (ISF) and gift and inheritance taxes for individuals wishing to buy or sell a company, to establish or wind down management packages or set up compensation schemes, such as stock options, bonus shares, founder's stock options, etc.

Personnal tax management

Our firm helps individuals manage their personal assets, in matters of income tax as well as wealth tax (ISF) and gift and inheritance taxes, with notable expertise concerning "Pacte Dutreil" schemes (conditional reduction of gift taxes).

Tax litigation

The firm represents its clients in cases of personal audits and litigation with tax authorities.

Taxation of non-profit organizations

We counsel various associations and non-profit organizations, whose specific characteristics and needs must be taken into account: not-for-profit nature, capacity to issue donation receipts, establishing endowment trusts, partnering with corporations, defending their special tax status, specific handling of VAT, etc.