Recruiting lawyers for our firm depends on our needs and opportunities. It is based upon a variety of criteria, most notably the value of the candidate's academic background, competence, personality and human qualities.

We prefer to recruit our associates at the end of an internship.

The firm places great importance on the quality of recruitment, as well as the continuing education and development of its associates. New recruits are expected to work with all the members of the firm, including the partners, and at all stages of the cases.


The firm offers internships all year long, for a minimum period of 6 months.

The firm recruits in priority students admitted to the French Bar school who have graduated with a major in tax law, and students completing a Master's degree in tax law.

Internships are paid.

Applications must mention the candidate's dates of availability and must be sent by mail or email to the following addresse:

Touttée Conseil & Associés
133, rue de la Pompe
75116 Paris

Email :