Emmanuelle Lourdeau

Emmanuelle Lourdeau is a partner at TCA with a speciality in tax law. She specializes in corporate restructurings and corporate group taxation. Emmanuelle Lourdeau has a recognized experience in structuring the activity of liberal professionals and more particularly lawyers. In 2018, she co-hosted a conférence on the fiscal and social issues of the choice of exercise structure at the 12th edition of Campus Paris 2018.
Her expertise also covers VAT (bank transactions, management of VAT and payroll taxes, computer ticketing and dematerialized transactions). 

A member of the Paris Bar Association, Emmanuelle holds a senior professional degree in corporate law and taxation (Magistère de juriste d'affaires et fiscalité, 1997) from the University of La Sorbonne-Assas (Paris II) and a Bachelor degree in English from La Sorbonne (Paris I).

She is a member of the Tax Lawyer Association (Institut des Avocats Conseils Fiscaux, IACF) and the association for holders of an advanced professional degree in corporate law (Association Nationale des Diplômes Juristes Conseils en Entreprise, ANDJCE).

Before joining the firm in January 2002, she worked from 1998 to 2001 as tax counsel in a public accountant firm based out of Paris.

Emmanuelle speaks French and English.

Training sessions regulary held on behalf of institutions:  

Other training sessions : 

  •  The tax and social issues of the choice of the practice structure of lawyers (Campus Paris 2018 )